Un Dimanche à Paris, Adventures in Hot Chocolate

Last Sunday I began what I know will be the most delicious mission of my life, to find the best cup of hot chocolate in Paris. Even if I never reach a conclusion I expect the journey will be an enjoyable one.

Paris By Mouth provides a respected list of Hot Chocolate Greats that I intend to use as a jumping off point. Because it was Sunday, I decided to venture towards Un Dimanche à Paris.

Un Dimanche à Paris is separated into a tea salon and chocolaterie. Both sides are elegant and intriguing. I was especially interested in one of their chocolate specialities. These colorful bite sized treats:

Small chocolate nuggets. Great for gifting.

I opted for a 'to go' hot chocolate that one can purchase directly from the chocolaterie counter. My small cup of hot chocolate 'pour emporter' was 2.20 Euros. Considering the amount of melted chocolate that was in my cup, it was probably a bargain.

Chocolat chaud to go.

I wanted to sit and drink it immediately, but if you have the patience, consider walking your little cup of hot chocolate to the Jardin du Luxembourg. I did make it there with an 1/8 cup of colder chocolate left. It was nice to sip leisurely while looking at flowers.

So what about the hot chocolate then? Magical. It is thick and milky. It offers just the right amount of resistance when you stir it. Any more than a tiny spoonful was almost too much. At first it is rich, milky, and sweet. Then as it ventures from teeth to the back of the tongue the natural bitterness of dark chocolate lingers. It has a nice combination of both milk and dark. All in all, if you enjoy chocolate, you will enjoy this hot chocolate. I am curious how it would taste with an added flavor or how it would fare a bit darker. The following spot on Paris by Mouth's list is Patesserie Viennoise which boasts a much more bitter experience, perhaps that will be my next stop.

If you would like to know more about Un Dimanche à Paris, this review by Paris Patisseries has some history and more tantalizing photos.

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