Cinema La Villette

How would it be to watch a movie in a park with a nice glass of wine, in Paris?

Well it is possible!

An open air cinema is taking place at the Park de la Villette until the 21st of August.

It is composed of a digital analog overhead projector, an inflatable screen, and a sound system.
Some of the films are often about a discovery or cultural offering. 

So during a nice movie you could also bring your own sandwich, salade, fruit, or drink and enjoy an openair pique-nique in the park - a movie, with your friends, family, or in couple.

Practical tips:

Hours: Early screenings at 9:30pm / doors open at 8:30pm
Prices: Free admission, limited seating available (1000 people)
For more info don't hesitate to go on the official website to know all the movies that will be proposed on the day you wan to go there.

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