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There are so many things that you can do it Paris but one of them that you can't miss is hanging out on the quai de seine.

Day or night at this time of the year when the sun is out you will always see people having a drink, playing cards, or play music on the quai.

The nice places are near Saint Michel, Jussieu, Pont Alexandre 3, Canal Saint Martin, or quai de la gare.

You will find at Saint Michel and Jussieu a lot of young people that are there to have a drink with friends or to have a pic nique.

At Pont Alexandre you will find a lot of person hanging out under the bridge. Under it you will have the opportunity to put your own music on the speakers that are there with your phone on bluetooth. It will allow you to dance on your favorite song or to discover someone else's favorite song.

The Canal Saint Martin is also a nice place to hang out with a nice glace of wine and enjoy a nice weather in Paris. We can also advise you to go to the General Hotel that is situated 5 min from the Canal Saint Martin that is a very nice place to stay for the night or to have a drink.

At Quai de la gare you can enjoy a nice drink at the Bateau phare or le Petit Bain

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