Board games bar in #Paris

The good days are on the way but Paris is full of surprises and even if we are almost in summer, Paris is rainy. 
But it should not stop you from having fun in Paris.

Out tip for this week is to get a bit adventurous and to explore some new aspects of Paris

The Board games bar is the perfect way to discover some new games, be in a warm place, meet new people, and have a nice drink.

This kind of bar rent board games to you and spend time with you to explain you the rules of the game so you can play with your friends. Some of them also sell some board games.

You will find here all the bars in Paris that offer this kind of service.
One of the most famous bars is the "dernier bar avant la fin du monde" (the last pub before the end of the world) that is situated at Chatelet.

Otherwise you also have the Oya that is at the Gobelins. This bar don't serve alcohol but it have a really nice ambiance. The games are not expensive and the dreaks to.

So if you are in Paris that you are bord and that the weather is cloudy go and have a game at one of those bars and tell us what was your favorite game.

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