In this era must of people has curiosity, had to, or decided to work or study abroad. Discovering a new culture, trying new dishes, visiting museums and having new friends sounds very exciting and definitely something to remember of, but inside all this beauty must people doesn't know that there are different stages one goes through when adjusting to new styles of leaving, all people and cultures are different, and sometimes is hard to understand the there are little tiny cultural details we have to pay around in order to have a better and more enriching experience.

First of all: what is cultural shock?
According to Online Investopedia
 is "A feeling of uncertainty, confusion or anxiety that people experience when visiting, doing business in or living in a society that is different from their own." to put it more clearly is when you move somewhere else and everything is unfamiliar; from the language probably to the customs and the weather, life is conducted differently, restaurants can be closed or opened at different hours, even buying bread can be a totally different experience and you can feel sad or lonely, be more vulnerable, sens of homesick...

So here we present you four awesome tips to overcome it

1. Meet new people!

Join a club, take some classes, do sports, go to a sauna place,
make some friends that will help you to be connected to people when you are felling down

2. "Comfy" mode

Enjoy little details where you go, be sure your own space is
cozy for you, take the extra time 
you need to make yourself feel comfortable wherever you are...

3. Be Adventurous

Discover your city, try new places and find your favorite spot to eat, take a walk, breathe, visit important monuments or discover the park around the corner, do something unknown, you will get surprised of the beauty around you

4. Feel "home"

This will help you to miss home less, don't complicate too much just do simple little things that will bring you comfort and happiness. For example, go for a search of ingredients to do your favorite dish, or listen to your favorite music, find a way to incorporate your culture, maybe gather with some friends and share all cultures in a fun dinner meanwhile don't forget to keep in touch with your love ones they will appreciate it and you will feel a sense of home anywhere you go...


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