#Reality has changed +xpogallery the #post-digital era!

gallery currently closed, in between exhibition , to re-open 13rd March
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We live in an age where very little of nature has not been touched by man, and technology is effectively an extension of our bodies and mind.  Is it not time to question the inherited oppositions of man versus nature, man versus the machine, and even the physical versus the virtual?

 Reality has changed, but has our ability to realise that changed? xpo gallery think artists are here to comment on this new post-digital era.

The gallery relentlessly tries to break boundaries by mixing mediums and problematics, proving, if needed, that since the digital revolution art has still  indeed its place in an exhibition space. the gallery  approach of art is not technologically driven but focuses instead on the relationship our society maintain with the digital world.

The gallery is medium-neutral

The gallery does not support digital art but  art at at the digital era, It is the insertion of this human component that makes the gallery relevant in the digital age.

Xpo Gallery gives priority to those artists who question human nature as it faces deep underlying changes, organizing exhibitions and participating to international contemporary art fairs. The objective of the gallery is to build long-term relationships with artists, working with them as they mature in their artistic reflection and develop their expertise.

xpo gallery mixes a program featuring artists it represents with invitations to curators!

:° A little Example of the expo!!!


A group show on very big and very small screens! Wear art on your wrist!

Curated by Aram Bartholl

Save the date! Opening March 13, 2014

FULL SCREEN celebrates the evolution of the screen in its most extreme developments. Soon screens will disappear from our view and will be replaced by laser light projecting directly on our retina. Pixels in a rectangle will be history as a medium like oil painting as a media technique is history today. Ten internationally renowned artists will show screen based art works on a large LED screen and small smart watches at the same time.

 It’s time to go FULL SCREEN!

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