Le Général hôtel vous suggère: #Etienne Lavie à #Paris

L'artist Etienne Lavie in Paris Replace Ads with Classic Artworks !

Street Artist

French street artist Etienne Lavie imagines what the streets of Paris would look like if all the ads plastered on posters and billboards were replaced by great works of art. Sneaking around the city, Lavie has been covering advertising billboards with classic French artworks, reclaiming some of the public spaces that have been so mercilessly invaded by advertising. The project challenges the destructive impacts of the advertising industry, getting people to slow down in the midst of their daily routines and simply enjoy the beauty of art.

In Etienne Lavie’s latest project, ‘OMG, Who Stole My Ads?’, the artist has replaced the ubiquitous ads in Paris with classical works of art. 

The juxtaposition of these older artworks in the modern world certainly grabs our attention, and perhaps the artist would like us to pay more attention to art, which fuels our soul, rather than ads that urge us to buy products. 

All Images © Etienne Lavie

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