Chocolat Chaud at Puerto Cacao; a cozy escape from tourists and the cold

Le General Hotel suggests this local chocolate shop as an escape from the cold these holidays. Cuddle up with a hot chocolate or decedent fondant au chocolat at Puerto Cacao. It offers the true and natural taste of a Parisian chocolaterie without the touristy hassle.

Simply delicious. No fancy presentation needed, the taste speaks for itself.
After trying seven different spots for hot chocolate in Paris, I can say that this is one of my favorites drinks and my favorite atmosphere. The hot chocolate was reasonably priced at 4.90. It is smooth and has the slight bitter finish of truly natural chocolate. Not too sweet and not too bitter, I could go for another cup of this flavorful liquid chocolate right about now. 

The woman working was friendly and genuinely happy to be surrounded by chocolate. When I asked for her recommendation, she explained the subtle difference between two bars of chocolate I had my eye on. This is a chocolate store that cares about the quality of what they create and are excited to share it...

Just a taste of the tastes. Thanks to Hip Paris Blog for the photo.

And this is quality chocolate! HiP Paris got a chance to sit down with the owner and learn more about the business. Puerto Cacao is a fair-trade chocolate shop that works directly with cacao growers in Venezuela to cut out "unnecessary middlemen who might drive up prices for consumers and deprive cacao producers of fair payment". Check out the full post to learn more!

So enjoy a delicious chocolate treat and feel good while you're doing it.

Thanks to HiP Paris for the photo.
If nothing else, fair-trade chocolate always makes a good holiday gift.

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