Le Grand Balcon Hotel visits #Marchedenoel 2013

Every year, Le Grand Balcon Hotel enjoys a view of Toulouse's Christmas market.
So much to see under the stunning illuminations!

Marché de Noël is held right next door to Le Grand Balcon Hotel in Place du Capitole. This year's festivities go from November 29 to December 26.
Bags for sale in a snow-topped stand. H/T Dépêche Events.
The aroma and colors of these spices trigger all the senses.
Delicious cakes for sale.

Each stall has something different to enjoy. There will be jewelry, toys, clothes, pottery and more from local artists, and of course there will be food. Cakes, spices, even foie gras, there is something for everyone at the Toulouse Christmas market.

Thank you to www.riosebastian.com/ for the three photos! Now we cannot wait to try a slice of sumptuous cake from this year's Marché de Noël.

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