Christmas has come to Galeries Lafayette!

Le General Hotel loves the winter holidays. Lucky for us there are Vitrines de Noel at Galeries Lafayette Haussman.

The tree is especially breathtaking under the
illuminated dome ceiling.
From now until December 31 the stunning department store will display its annual Christmas fairytale. Complete with illuminations, clocks, music, dancing stuffed animals and a Christmas tree over 20 meters tall, if Noel at Galeries Lafayette is not Christmas magic, than nothing is.

This year a few of the display windows have animated screens and floral arrangements in honor of Beauty and the Beast. There is even an interactive wall where you can move flowers to reveal a hidden image.

What is hiding behind the roses?

Travel to the rooftop chocolate bar and enjoy the view of Paris while sipping the famed Jean-Paul Hevin hot chocolate. Or bring the children to take a photo with Santa Claus. There are countless ways to enjoy the spirit of the holidays in this wonderland.

Galeries Lafayette Haussmann - 40 Boulevard Haussman
Admission free

Video courtesy of SCB.oneglobe

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