Café Pinson #Paris

There are so many places in Paris to have a drink and enjoy a nice neighborhood but have you ever been to Café Pinson? This place is like no other there is 4 Café Pinson in Paris in different district so no excuse not to go there.
If you enjoy nice smoothies,or iced coffee, or event detox tea, this is the place to go to. They propose a daily smoothie and tea that will blow your mind and so many other product home made.
All product are healthy and fresh.
So don't wait and go there to enjoy a nice drink at the Café Pinson
If you pass by the Pinson Marais don't hesitate to have a look at the General Hotel that is in the same Neighborhood.
Otherwise they are also on Deliveroo, and for first registration if you enter the code CAFEPINSON you will have 10€ off your bill.
So don't wait to long to have your fresh smoothie or green tea at Café Pinson.

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