Marche des fières #Paris

We all know that Paris is a City where you can find everything for everyone. If you like metal music, skateboard, tap dancing, tagging, playing music, you will always find a place in Paris to expresse yourself.
But this week you will have the opportunity to share your passion with everyone.

The Gay Pride "Marche des fières" happened for the first time following the Stonewall riots in the Unites Sates in 1969, the Pride event exists today in many countries worldwide to celebrate their choices and life.

This year the Gay Pride will happen on the 2nd of June, THIS SATURDAY.
This moment will allow you to express yourself, to have fun, to enjoy the good weather and meet new people.

Everyone is welcomed to this event, it is for all of those who feel like expressing themselves without any judgment.

Good music will be on during the day, decorated floats will be parading, and it's the perfect occasion to spend a wonderful day in Paris :)

The Gay pride will pass by the Marais, Paris's famous district. Have a look at our hotel Le General during the parade it is worth a detour.

You  will find here the program of your journey :)

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