Here in France is very common to find in stores Organic Wine, but let me tell you something... the current EU law still has no definition for this and if you carefully see, it still doesn't appear in any wine label, it doesn't really exist.

But what does Organic Wine really mean?

Wine made from organically grown grapes. That's it, that's good. Point for the organic wine! HOWEVER it still is a mass-produced product and which will probably contain some or many additives in the process...
So, what France did is creating the term "Vin Naturel" « Natural Wine » for a way out to this confusion The NATURAL WINE as the name says is made; pure and naturally as possible.

 Top 7 of why you should consider buying or having NATURAL Wine in your life:

  1.  Made of organically grown grapes with the most natural process available 
  1. There are many categories from a grand cru burgundy to a vin de table, from 3 euro to 3,000 so you can find natural wines in all categories. 
  1. Natural wines taste of the real grapes and the real place where they have grown ergo far way BETTER 
  1. No chemicals. All what it is comes just from the grape so better for health 
  1.  Natural wine supports the environment, all follow a sustainable viticulture. 
  1.  You are supporting the work of real artisans, who put their hard labor in every single bottle as is never mass produced, small quantities and independant producers
Most natural wines are not filtered.  A natural wine contains not too many sulphites, • 10 mg/l total sulphur if red, • 25 mg/l total sulphur if white.
 As you can see Natural wine is far way better than the « Organic Wine » as taste better, is healthier you promote sustainability and help local producers

 Here are some spots in Paris to find Natural Wine:

  • Le Baron Rouge 1 rue Théophile Roussel n the 12th Arrondisement 
  • Crus et Découvertes, rue Paul Bert, in the 11th Arrondissement. 01 43 71 56 79. partner with natural producers to bring their products to Paris.


Visit us for a glace of wine at our bar and garden at
+Le General Hotel 

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