Im leaving honey... and I will be travelling for two years...PS. I Love you

Has someone think about leaving the world behind and travel the world for 2 years?

The Breakaway Backpackers did and I think is fabulous!

I believe that requires a lot of courage and this is a great example of following your dreams and knowing the world, there is so much out there to discover than in your hometown

 So.. Allez, Bouge!

And lets travel the world! If you really have considerate it, here are some great tips of what to pack for such and adventurous trip, (a guys point of view, but for us ladies sure it works!)


I would've add a book and some more toiletries but all other ideas are so useful

Thanks to our blogger of the week!
 +breakaway backpacker 

With this great tips and don't forget to include Paris and one of our lovely LGH hotels to your world tour!
And you? what do you normally travel with?

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