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 After living in Paris for almost two amazing years and considering myself a person who loves to discover new places, besides visitng the regular well known places, I discovered this petit rue with some friends and, I felt in loved; not just because is very a live at night, with friends, couples, tourist, and students, but, also, because you can really breathe Parisian live over there.

 The diversity will seduce you, happy hours, classic Parisian bistros, kebab spots, frozen yoghurt (which I considered myself addicted) unique shopping stores and...
Not to miss this old fellow playing music, in the afternoons, in front of the fountain...

Experiencing the whole environment, sounds, smells and sights will make you feel like you end up inside of a Parisian movie.

+Mama Loves Paris makes a great video  about the #RueMouffetard called the Street of the week
take look over here:

Know you now all the things that can happen over here and can't wait but to discover by yourself
Oh by the way little fun story: The name of this street is from long time ago, Moufftard comes form the french word moufeutte, meaning pestilent, this was caused by the odors from the animal skinners that where kept in shops here, and if you say long time ago:

J'ai un rendez vous à rue Moufftard!! well... maybe it was not because a very good reason as it was consider to be unhealthy and with a very bad reputation 

There is an old local legend as well that says Witches used to live here and gather to make their magic... curious? be some place new and adventure today!

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