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We are starting September with new vibes, new attitude.

All fresh and positive, we, LGH, are starting a whole NEW concept.
And we are excited to announce this:

Every week you will receive posts from the best of the best, like this:


Let us announce...


Every week, we will feature those blogs who make us Feeeeeel something, those that are really worth sharing, for many reasons; their passion, their creativity, their philosophy, their pictures, their originality, it can be anything that inspires us, because we want to inspire you.

I would say the concept of PARISIANIST blog is so interesting! this guys will not tell you the regular top places to visit or top places to eat you know and your grandma knows and everyone knows for generations, they will really make good suggestions, why is that?  because they know what they are really talking about, lets say:

BEEN THERE, DONE THAT... And this is my gift to you people from Paris!! or people who comes to Paris of course

Their philosophy is this one:

  1. We select only the best of Paris
    The places we know you'll love
  2. We test everything ourselves
    To give you insider advice
  3. We aren't paid to make recommendations
    You onlly get what Parisians actually like

So between their fun stuff we found this good post: TOP 5 BEST CROISSANTS IN PARIS
And you have to know that besides FRENCH BAGUETTE, Croissant is remarkably emblematic in France, so  if you come to visit or leave here  or you are an expat here or any other good reason, at least once, you have to try it; to see why this simple... humble... buttery... friend is ro the rockstar in all French boulangeries.

So here is the list from our PARISIANIST friends  "Top 5 BEST CROISSANTS IN PARIS YOU CAN NOT MISS"

If, otherwise, you are looking as well for some "Good French BIO Bread" or just wonder "How to Choose a Great Baguette" BERRYPARIS blog is the place!

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