Digital Concierge Service in Paris and Toulouse

M-Concierge recommends the BEST FREE APPS to Shop, Drink, Eat, Move Around and More!
 M-Concierge by LGH Hotels

M-Concierge by LGH Hotels - your Digital Concierge Service in Paris and Toulouse!


 A collection of APPS that will suggest you whats going on near your hotel, from happy hours to french cuisine specialities, Everything near you that is worth it, Hope you Enjoy!
 As the name says, is All basics you need to have for your trip to feel like home.
From your daily newspaper, to the weather of your destination, emergency numbers, currency converter and this wonderful app that translates any language to yours!

 Click here to find the location, contact information, photos and more about the hotels and their sorroundings.

 Keep those memories with you, show them to your friends, make your stay in Paris memorable, here we give you the tools to take your photos like a Pro.
 You are in Paris! THE city of light, love, awesome bread, cheese and wine and indulgent desserts, you want to go somewhere? here you will find the BEST apps, to move around, Don't worry we have you all cover!

Applications to find tasty wine in Paris

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