#jetlag Overcome Jet Lag with these apps

 Overcome Jet Lag with these apps!

Jet lag, also called desynchronosis or flight fatigue, is a disruption of our own body clock that causes fatigue and disorientation, interrupted sleep, confusion, fuzziness, dehydration, uncomfortable legs and feet, and some other health problems.

Overcoming jet lag is now easier with these apps:

Entrain is a free app for iOS that connects users to lighting schedules. These schedules help adjust you to new time zones as quickly as possible. Light is the primary driving input to the circadian clock, and by recording your lighting history, it can simulate your body's clock and make recommendations for behavior.


The Jet Lag App is a good way of ensuring your sleeping patterns stay in sync. Follow the Jet Lag App’s advice and you will be back to normal and feel less tired quickly. By filling in some details about your trip, such as arrival and departure times, the Jet Lag App will calculate the best possible advice for you. Download the app and experience for yourself how easily you can get rid of your jet lag so you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

JetLag Rooster gives you a plan to reduce jet lag, taking into consideration the place of departure and destination and setting a calendar with the ideal sleeping and waking hours.


So give these apps a try and sleep tight!


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