Travelling is always a new adventure anywhere you go, but as sometimes can be stressful to plan the whole trip ahead, and you add up that your kids of course are very important part of the planning can get you overwhelmed, but this can be a beautiful experience everyone in the family will remember, the trick for having a smooth holiday travel is carefully planning it; has to be a holiday that is fun to all members of the family and  getting your children to help you plan it with you will make them feel important and will get them very happy and excited.


1. Remember kids have a lot of energy but they need to recharge batteries, more often so you can pack some healthy and savoury snacks with you and also plan to do plenty of stops for meals and drinks, in Paris you can treat your kids ith some ice cream, The Berthillon are  consider the best in Paris, this artisanal ice creams have plenty of options as La Fraise des Bois Melba, Salted Butter Caramel or Pistachio. You will find difficult to choose just one!

2.  You can plan some calm but entertaining activities, in the playgorunds and gardens  of the city, visit a swim park, go to local carnivals, movies or parades if they are available 

3. If your kids are older or you have teens you can opt for a small evening tour, most of them will include the most attractive points of they city, having the opportunity to go up and down The Bus whenever you want, Paris at night is just magical in all its forms, and you can visit places like The louvre, Place de la Concorde, Ponts des Arts, La Tour Eiffel, between other mesmerazing illuminated attractions.

4.  The most important thing, remember, safety first, make a total inspection of your car before you leave, check battery of ypur phone is fully charged, put some medicine essentials in a small bag, and pack some blankets, bottled water and a flashlight. Its always better to have this in your car anywhere you go. 

5. Depending on the age of your children and the way you travelling, if by car, train or plane, you may consider how to keep them entertained, if it is a very long trip it will be very good idea to let them pack their own toys (dont forget to suppervise them, as they can pack tehir whole room without you even noticing) as well as packing yourself some extras in case they get bored of the ones they chose; movies and books are great resource to keep them entertain too.

Vacations are made to be remembered! And dont forget to take care and pamper yourself too!


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