Me No Speak #France #apps

Parlez-vous #français? Non? 

Use +menospeak speakup 

Let your fingers do the talking with Me No Speak France, and order petit-déjeuner (breakfast) with ease; replace those lunettes de soleil (sunglasses) that you forgot at home; or rent a vélo (bicycle) without looking like a mime.

Me No Speak Language Companions are divided into 6 topics, with special emphasis on food. We provide menus to help you order at restaurants that don’t offer their own in English. There is also help for vegetarians and people with food allergies.

Me No Speak will help you eat, sleep, and get around without a hitch.

Download the App here!

Le Général Hôtel Paris, your luxurious and relaxing rooms, recommend that you treat yourself to this App. 

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