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#Claude Monet lived for forty-three years, from 1883 to 1926, in his house in #Giverny. 

Claude Monet Foundation presents you the world of the painter and gardener...  Claude Monet.
With a passion for gardening as well as for colours, he conceived both his flower garden and water garden as true works of art. Walking through his house and gardens, visitors can still feel the atmosphere which reigned at the home of the Master of Impressionnism and marvel at the floral compositions and nymphéas, his greatest sources of inspiration.

The water Garden

Monet has always been fascinated by the play of light and reflections of clouds on water. His numerous paintings done on his floating studio, in Argenteuil or on the Dutch canals, show his fascination with inverted reflections in these liquid mirrors. In 1893, he acquires a piece of land situated at the end of the Clos Normand, on the other side of the railway line, and diverts the narrow arm of the river Epte , the « Ru ». The thus- created pond will become the « Jardin d’eau » (water garden) , today present on the walls of the world’s greatest museums.


The Clos Normand 

When Monet settles in Giverny, the long, pink stucco house has a one hectare garden comprising an apple orchard and a kitchen garden. A wide path lined with cypress and spruce leads from the gate to the main door, the flowerbeds bordered by trimmed box trees. Enthralled by this garden, the painter-gardener immediately sets to work, never ceasing , thereafter, to improve the « Clos Normand » and to make it the garden of his colourful dreams.

On entering Monet’s house, the visitor should imagine a home filled with the noisy cavalcade of eight children, Claude Monet’s comings and goings between his studio and the garden, the atmosphere of the kitchen in the early morning when vegetables came fresh from the kitchen-garden, plus the returns from market and arrival of friends from Paris…..

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