“Paris 13 tower” a new and ephemeral Street Art adventure.

Originally a tower in the Arrondissement of slated for demolition in late 2013 and a gallery that has promoted Street Art artist for many years.

For many months, the project voluntarily remained confidential: Gallery Itinerance, with the support of the 13 th Arrondisement City Hall and the consent of ICF Habitat La Sabliere, the building’s Landroid, decided to appeal to more than one hundred street Art artist from the four corners of the world to enshrine this tower before its destruction. An experience fully consistent with the very essence of the movement: each artist, with a given and dedicated space, floor to ceiling, volunteer and voluntary action, a temporary and ephemeral exhibition, free and open to all, with no marketing gimmick, “nothing to sell”, because in the end, everything will just disappear in the rubble.

When it is completed, the “Paris 13 Tower” project will be the largest group street art exhibition ever carried out, with over 4.500 m2 of ground space and as much wall and ceiling space.
9 dedicated floors, 36 four or five room apartments, some still furnished, which will become the medium for urban artist representing 16 different nationalities.
A demonstrable Street Art project, unconventional and cosmopolitan, open to the public from October 1 to 30, 2013.

The “Paris 13 tower” project is also an innovative audio visual and digital adventure, using a dedicated website, a tablet application and a documentary!
See this new and ephemeral Street Art adventure.

Tour Paris 13
5 rue Fulton 13e
Métro : quai de la Gare
Du 1er au 31 octobre 2013
Mardi-dimanche 12h-20h (dernière visite 19h15)
Crédit photo Tour Paris 13 : Yann Vernerie, Nabs Dude
Antoine Besse @toniobesse

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