Come to Daddy's - Venez chez Papa


Being in Paris, you will probably have tested a few bistrots and brasseries. Those are lovely with their appealing teraces in the summer, and their cosy ambiance in the winter. However, if you have eaten steak tartare (raw seasoned steak), omelette, quiche (salty egg-based pie), and crême brulée several times this week....and if you've already tried pastis (aniseed liquour), and kir (wine with liquour), and américano (campari-based cocktail)...and if café gourmand (coffee with a selection of desserts) has no secrets for you.... it may be time for you to go deeper into your exploration of French gastronomy and focus on the South West. It's commonly accepted and believed, (there is no use in arguing) that the South West is one of the regions where you eat the best in France. Everyone knows you do not leave the table hungry in the South West. The reputation of large portions of generous, but succulent food, which is usually duck, (and wine!) is widespread. So, are you ready? 

All you need to do is find a Chez Papa, (or, the duck-lover's haven) to start your journey. There are a few restaurants in Paris, so stopping into one after a long day of visits shouldn't be tough. And if you are a little bit lost and don't really know what to choose from the menu, here is a little suggestion to really get to the point. 

Apéritif: Start with a Pousse-Râpière or (orange flavoured liquour with sparkling wine) a Sangria Basque (wine and fruit mix)
Entrée: Snails "chez Papa" in butter and Calvados (Escargots chez Papa)
Plat: Duck breast with roasted foie gras 
Dessert: Try one of these excentric ice-cream flavours such as chili & chocolate or prune & Armagnac liquour
Do not forget the wine so typical of the region, a Médoc perhaps? 
End with a herbal tea for a healthy digestion:)

Recommended by Le  Quartier Bercy  Square Hôtel  in Paris
Le Général Hôtel  Paris recommends Chez Papa

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