Inside “Le Marais”

Near Le Quartier Bercy Square Hôtel, take the Line 1 of the Metro and get off at Saint Paul station.

Le Marais is one of the few places in Paris where boutiques, fashion stores, restaurants and antique shops are open on Sunday.  A trendy quartier of Paris which mixes the old with the new, hip with tradition, fashion with food!

Good mood or bad mood, this is the perfect place to go for a walk, the area is so rich in detail with museums, parks, restaurants, and a diversity of people, you could spend an entire day here, from breakfast until after the last bar closes at 4:00 a.m., and still only scratch the surface.

Take a look of the “Rue Vieille du Temple”. 

At the end of rue des Rosiers, we have the rue Vieille du Temple, which has a number of boutiques, cafés, interesting historic buildings, and trendy bars. 

Just to the right off of rue des Rosiers is Olivier & Co., where you can buy top quality olive oil.  Next to the store is an old mansion dating from the 1700s, with large wooden doors with a carved face of a medusa.

Back towards rue de Rivoli, one can buy all natural gelato made with organic ingredients at Amorino. 

This leads you to rue Saint Croix de la Bretonnerie, where Le Point Virgule, a cabaret and theatre for live shows, including for children, is located.  Rue du Bourg-Tibourg, a quiet street that has a beautiful Mariage Frères, salon de thé and boutique.

At the 30 rue Vieille du Temple we have Le petit fer à Cheval, an adorable little café, in business for more than 100 years that has one of France's smallest bars.

Le General Hotel recommends the Marais for a fun evening! 

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